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I’ve known Max for nearly 3 decades: we were both schooled in the same classroom in our elementary days. Years later, we pursued our different skills in different faculty at the same Polytechnic. In all these years, I’ve known him to be meticulous, enterprising & often makes well-informed decisions.Granted our years of diverse pursuit in field expertise, we’re reunited once again on the same platform, with the same vision, steering positivity towards society & the world we live in – we’re liberating people from their bondages.

Alvin Tan

Owner of D’Light Associates Pte Ltd

Max is a dedicated leader and a passionate individual who guides people to reach their dreams. His strategy and system were proven and demonstrated effective results. If you are seeking to reach your financial goals, Max is the right person to seek advice from. Thank you Max!

Kenneth Lim

Karate Teacher

I am entrepreneur and I run multiple business prior getting to know Max. I have great opportunity to meet Max Tay, He is a person who really know what he wants in life, extremely good in creating system. If you are looking for a guy who can help you to become successful, Max is the Guy !

Mike Soh

Business Entrepreneur

I have got to know Max a couple of years, and during that time, we actually starting our journey to become business entrepreneurs. He really helped us a lot, guided us as we did not have any experience at all. Now 3 years later, I am actually able to retire myself and my husband is semi retired from his medical doctor profession. Thank you Max. You have changed my life !

Apple Tee & Dr Lee

Auditor & Medical Doctor

If there is one person who have created my success today, i must say he is Max Tay. We just a normal employee and we have no business experience at all at the beginning. Max mentored us throughout when we embarked into a new business journey. If you are looking for a mentor who you can rely on, Max will be the best person who you can work with.


Calvin & Fiona

Engineer & Quality Surveyer

Prior before I know Max Tay and his family, I was a typical corporate employee who studied and worked very hard so that I can rise to higher corporate ladder for many years. I was tired working day to night and I was not sure what i actually want in my life. After I got to know Max, He shows me these qualities : leadership, and work ethics. With his guidance, I am able to unlearn what is not working and re-learn a new set of habits towards my goal. Thank you, Max for everything !!

Stephen P Tan